The BioMap team has participated in several national and international congress’s and meetings, such as:

  • “Student Conference on Conservation Science” in the University
    of Cambridge, UK.
  • Zero Biodiversity Loss Conference by Conservation International
  • Darwin Seminar in London – BioMap presentation and discussion with
    the U.K. Minister of the Environment – Rt Hon. Michael Meacher
    MP and Marian Jenner of the Darwin Initiative
  • DEFRA (UK Government) press release of Darwin Initiative, including
    Project BioMap, at Global Environment Summit at Johannesburg ,
  • Annual Society of Conservation GIS “Biodiversity Spatial Datasets:
    Essentials for Information Interchange” in California,
  • Workshop to define prioritise in the Andes CBC (Center for Biodiversity
    Conservation) in Bogotá,
  • Roundtable dicussion on botanical information management via the Internet
    at the Congreso Botánico Latinoamericano in Cartagena,
  • Discusión group for the formation of AndinoNET (part of BioNET
    Internacional) in Maracay, Venezuela.
  • BioMap presentations at the XV Encuentro Colombiano
    de Ornitología in Valledupar.Each four months, the Project bulletin is published in English and
    Spanish, and sent via the internet to over 500 people and institutions
    and also placed on the web at