Paul Salaman


BioMap Director



Broad interests in ornithological research and conservation. Main activities:

  • Neotropical biology and conservation.
  • Distribution and taxonomy of Colombian avifauna.
  • Research and conservation of endangered taxa.
  • Rapid Biodiversity Assessments, including collections-based research.

Project BioMap Manager: overall responsibility for managing this project funded by the Darwin Initiative and Conservation International, and responsible to an alliance of research and conservation organisations on three continents.


  • 1988: Awarded “Young Ornithologist of the Year”
  • 1989-93: Bird recorder for Surrey-in-London
  • 1989-93: Committee member of Surrey Bird Club
  • 1989-93: Records committee of London Natural History Society
  • 1991: Winner of the first BP Conservation Award
  • 1992: Established the Río Ñambí Community Nature Reserve
  • 1991-92: Secretary to Cambridge University Explorers’ Club
  • 1991-93: President of Cambridge Student Birders
  • 1991-94: Committee member of Cambridge Bird Club
  • 1995: Royal Geographical Society award “National Young Explorer of the Year”
  • 2001 – 2006: Committee member of British Ornithologists’ Club.


SALAMAN, P. Ed. (1994) Surveys and conservation of biodiversity in the Chocó, south-west Colombia. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International Study Report 61.

SALAMAN, P. (1995) The rediscovery of Tumaco Seedeater Sporophila insulata. Cotinga 4: 33-35.

SALAMAN, P. & Stiles, F.G. (1996) A distinctive new species of vireo (Passeriformes: Vireonidae) from the Western Andes of Colombia. Ibis 138: 610-619.

Mazariegos Jr, L & SALAMAN, P. (1999) Rediscovery of the Colorful Puffleg Eriocnemis mirabilis. Cotinga 11: 34-41.

Cuervo, A.C., SALAMAN, P., Donegan T.M.& Ochoa J.M. (2001). A new species of Piha (Cotingidae: Lipaugus) from the Cordillera Central of Colombia. Ibis 143: 353-368.

SALAMAN, P., Stiles, F.G., Bohórquez, C.I., Álvarez-R., M.,Donegan, T.M. &Cuervo, A. (In press). New and noteworthy bird records from the Andean East slope of Colombia. Caldasia.